PR Strategy

Champions PR thinks about things at the campaign level. Our PR strategies are just that - strategies. Each activity we deliver is part of a bigger overall plan. It is joined up, on time and on budget.

Our main focus is your business success. We take the time to drill down into your long-term objectives. Are they specific, are they measurable, realistic and in what timeframe do you aim to achieve them?

We then formulate a PR strategy for your brand and, ultimately, help you take it where you want to it to be. We are with you every step of the way.


Bespoke Public Relations Strategies

We start by learning about you. Our team wants to know precisely where you want to go with your brand. What are your objectives and over what timescale? How can we measure progress in pursuit of those goals?

After gaining insights into you and your business, we analyse the market you operate in and your competitors. Then we develop a cohesive approach to reaching your objectives.

We flesh out your bespoke strategy with a detailed timeline of activities focused on driving brand awareness and separating you from the rest.

Our experienced team ensures each element of your public relations campaign adheres to the over-arching strategy.


Targeting Your Audience

We will identify the most suitable demographic audience, made up of the people or businesses most likely to be receptive to your brand messaging and to purchase your products or services.

Champions PR will study their behaviour and how they consume media, so we can tailor our public relations campaigns to that target audience, whether that is through traditional, digital or a blend of media.

Your Key Messages

A compelling PR strategy needs consistency of message to strike a chord with your target audience.

So, we create hooks that are digestible, distinctive, credible and most importantly succinct, and structure them for our contacts in the media.


Securing Brand Exposure

We then work with our partners in traditional and digital media to deliver brand exposure in publications and sites trusted by your target audience.

It is those third-party endorsements that get the word out there and give you added credibility and authenticity.

And, while you count the extra sales or the bounce in traffic on your site, we report back on exactly how much coverage we have generated and how many people have been exposed to your brand.

If the entire communications strategy is measurable and open to scrutiny, we can see what works and continue to evolve our delivery.