Product Launches

New Product Launches

When you are thinking about launching a new product into the market, a well-executed event gives media decision-makers the chance to get hands-on with you, your people and your brand.


Why have a Product Launch?

Champions PR, in conjunction with Champions Events, will put together an engaging event that drives exposure and delivers results.

Our product launches will generate attention for your company, driving brand awareness and knowledge of any new product or service offering and your broader brand values.

Not only will we plan and execute a first-class product launch but we will use our contacts to ensure it is well attended by influential media figures, who deliver you invaluable added exposure.


Celebrity Endorsements

Using the right personality with the right profile, your brand benefits from positive emotional associations made by potential customers between you and the values exhibited by the individual.

Given our access to the worlds of sport and entertainment, we can identify and deliver celebrity talent who drive customer and media interest.

Through our Influencer Champions arm, we also match brands with social media influencers who have significant online followings of people self-identifying as enthusiastic about certain topics.

We deliver smart endorsement strategies that intensify coverage and we maximise the value you extract from your product launch.