Consumer PR Strategies

Champions PR has built a track record of enthusing consumers about brands since 2003. With a host of national awards to our name, our PR campaigns deliver the results our clients want.

In creating a PR strategy for your brand, we identify your objectives, whether you are changing your offering or simply revamping the way you communicate your message.

Our team works with you to get 'under the skin' of your brand and market to deliver precise positioning for your brand.


Engaging Your Target Audience

Key to our approach is our understanding of what influences your target audience.

In recent years, consumer behaviour has changed. Brand loyalty is more fluid as consumers are now savvier than ever.

They do not want to be sold to. They want authenticity and they want to be engaged.

As the online landscape has changed, we have stayed ahead of the game. We have built expertise in digital outreach and search engine optimisation to pique consumers' interest in innovative ways.

Driving brand awareness and educating your customers is absolutely key. Consumer confidence cannot be taken for granted, so we must work harder to gain trust and to drive brand loyalty.