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Champions PR has 15 years' experience devising and delivering outcome-driven public relations strategies that build brand awareness, reinforce brand values and generate interest for clients like you.

With a string of national accolades to our name, our PR team has been creating a buzz around scores of now-high-profile clients since 2003.

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Kellie Tillyer

Kellie Tillyer


Role: My role involves creating copy for a wide variety of clients and uses, from blogs to press releases, magazine articles to adverts.

Dislikes: Being late, small furry animals and pasta.

Fun work fact: During my career I have written about everything from asphalt to fashion to robotic lawnmowers!

Fun non work fact: I make a mean party piñata, past efforts include a Minion, pirate and a Minecraft Diamond Sword!

Benny Lawrence

Benny Lawrence

Senior Talent Manager

Role: I work in the Celebrity PR department. As part of my role, I manage the Celebrity PR team and look after a number of celebrity clients. This work involves sourcing new brand relationships with my celebrities as well as relevant media profile work.

Fun work fact: When working at the British Par 3 Championship I got Peter Schmeichel to call my Dad (who is a life long Manchester United fan) at 2am in the morning to wish him a Happy Birthday, now that’s a what I call a good birthday wake up call!

Fun non work fact: I’m half French and can speak the language fluently.

Victoria Horobin

Victoria Horobin

Talent Administration Executive

Dislikes: Lateness and sharks.

Fun work fact: Don’t really have one, I’m afraid, only that I’m a bit of a neat-freak when it comes to certain things!

Fun non work fact: I make really good cupcakes!!

Jack Hayes

Jack Hayes

Celebrity Manager

Role: Overseeing the after dinner department and recruiting new celebrity personalities to our portfolio.

Fun work fact: Playing imaginary golf at the BP3

Fun non work fact: I can breakdance.

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